Danger !!!!

Mon Mar 7 11:34:12 EST 1994

     Please be aware of the following bulletin from the Norfolk 
     Southern Police Department (VA) - This has also been confirmed 
     through the New Castle County and Wilmington Police 
     Departments that similar events have occured in Los Angeles, 
     Chicago, and Baltimore.
     There is a new gang initiation!
     This new "Initiation" of MURDER is brought about by gang 
     members driving around with their car lights off.  When you 
     flash your car lights to signal them that their lights are 
     out, the gang members take it to literally mean "LIGHTS OUT!", 
     so they follow you to your destination and kill you!  This 
     information should be given widespread distribution.  Beware 
     and inform your families and friends.  DO NOT FLASH YOUR CAR 
     LIGHTS AT ANYONE FOR ANY REASON!  (Information was furnished 
     by the Illimois State Police Department)

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