Danger !!!!

Robert D West aphrael at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue Mar 8 00:05:50 EST 1994

In article <9402077630.AA763068763 at email.afip.osd.mil> OLEARY at EMAIL.AFIP.OSD.MIL writes:
>     Please be aware of the following bulletin from the Norfolk 
>     Southern Police Department (VA) - This has also been confirmed 
>     There is a new gang initiation!
>     and inform your families and friends.  DO NOT FLASH YOUR CAR 
>     LIGHTS AT ANYONE FOR ANY REASON!  (Information was furnished 
>     by the Illimois State Police Department)

This is all very interesting, and from what i can tell, it might
even be true. But what i can't figure out is why *bionet.general*
is the appropriate forum for this piece of data ...

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