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>Hi, all netters,

>To actually test the feasibility of this idea, I would propose that we 
>start by producing a sort of "Microbiologists Directory".  This so 
>called "Directory" will list the name and e-mail address (with 
>possibility of adding FAX and hard mailing address) of interested partici-
>pants according to first the organism they work with (at the genus 
>level), and then again with the nature of their research work.
>For example, I am currently working on the assay of antibiotics produced by
>Streptomyces against Plasmodium falciparum; therefore, my name would 
>appear under the Streptomyces, Plasmodium, and antibiotics assay listing.

Sounds like a jolly good idea!!

>This "Directory" will deliberately exclude those of you who work with 
>yeast and those doing molecular biological works since specialised news 
>group catering to both groups already exist in the bionet system.  
>However, I would welcome your comments on this point.

>So, let the dance begins, shall we say?

Yes, quite. I think you will find quite a few willing partners!!!

>Santhat Lekhavadhanajai
>Department of Microbiology
>Faculty of Sciences
>Mahidol University
>Bangkok, Thailand
>e-mail address :  gscslh at mucc.mahidol.ac.th


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