Pre-mRNA splicing-- kinetic control?

Eric E. Snyder eesnyder at beagle
Tue Mar 8 18:20:11 EST 1994

I have been trying to find a couple of references which support 
or refute the following hypothesis:

    Pre-mRNA is or can be spliced differently depending on how quickly
    it is synthesized.

I have developed an computer program (NAR 21(3): 607-613) which predicts 
the intron-exon structure of human genes (and thus the splicing pattern)
using a dynamic programming.  The algorithm implicitly assumes splicing
starts with the whole transcript.  However, clearly the 3'-end of the 
transcript is hanging out in space for a while before the transcript is
finished.  The question is, does this make a difference?  Has anyone 
seen any papers that address this possibility directly?  Lots of people
claim that it might be true but I have never seen an experiment testing

Thanks for any useful input or suggestions...

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