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>>In <9402077630.AA763068763 at email.afip.osd.mil> OLEARY at EMAIL.AFIP.OSD.MIL writes:
>>>      Please be aware of the following bulletin from the Norfolk 
>>>      Southern Police Department (VA) - This has also been confirmed 
>>      There is a new gang initiation!
>>>      This new "Initiation" of MURDER is brought about by gang 
>>>      members driving around with their car lights off.  When you 
>>>      flash your car lights to signal them that their lights are 
>>>      out, the gang members take it to literally mean "LIGHTS OUT!", 
>>>      so they follow you to your destination and kill you!  This 
>>last warning deleted
>>I suppose I am greatful that this was posted...but, really - I am almost
>>shocked that such warnings are posted to bionet. I suppose my fleeting bouts
>>with cynacism spare me total befuddlement. Nice place we have made for
>>ourselves here on Earth.  Jeez.
>>Virtually annoyed
>If you read "alt.folklore.urban", you will see that this is probably a
>net.practical.joke gone too far.  After months of debate on "Lights
>Out Killers" in that newsgroup, the consensus is that plenty of people
>have come up with lots of warnings spread over the continent, but
>nobody has come up with a single dead body caused by injudicious
>flashing of headlights.

Although bionet may not have been an appropriate spot for the original post,
now that this "warning" hass been replaced I'll second John Nash's comment,
which I've heard independently of alt.folklorer:  THIS IS A RUMOR AND IS NOT

I certainly hope that if I forget to turn on my headlights, someone will do
me the courtesy of "flashing" theirs.  This is a "social" nicety that should
not be squashed by cynicism and fear.  To allow such a rumor to strip away
another layer of our social structure would be terrible indeed.

BTW, if you do suspect that someone is following you home, drive to the police
station.  But if you see a driver with his/her lights off, "flash" them - this
could help to avoid a serious accident!

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