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I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I am a research
assistant in the department of Maternal/Fetal Medicine and am working on a
study concerning the triple screen.  A few weeks back, I wrote an inquiry
about uE3 levels in frozen serum samples. 

My concern this time is a bit different.  I am writing a term paper on the
triple screen.  One arm of the paper has to be socio-ethical responses to
the biological question.  In my paper, I will be discussing the following:
1) the ethics of this test concerning prenatal diagnosis,
2) false results and those consequences,
3) and the future of prenatal genetic testing in the new health care systems.

I have done preliminary searches through MedLine, Social Science Index, and
other CD-ROM information sources in our library system.  

My inquiry is this:  if you deal in this area and would like to give some
insight in to the ethics involved, that would be much appreciated.  Also,
if you know of any literature on these topics (articles, texts, book
chapters, colleagues involved (preferably those who have email)) could you
please send some information my way.  I promise you will be sourced.

I do not need information on the basic science, history, or workings of the
triple screen.  This I have done for the research study.

Thank you in advance,

Andrew F. Wagner
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