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Larry Won larry.won at
Wed Mar 9 14:50:01 EST 1994

    First of all, I have to wonder why such important projects like
studies of human genes should have shortage of funds.  I do not
understand why the United States spends so much money on extraneous
things for example, giving millions of dollars of "aid" to other
countries who can never pay us back.  Especially when many times the
"aid" we give is misused and abused in that country.  If the U.S.
would mind its won business and quit emphasizing foreign policy so
much than there would be mooney so that important projects like
the Human Genome Project would be able to carry out its task.
    But that aside, I would think that the Genome Project people should
keep working on finding the entire human genome though their timetable
goal may not be met.  Just concentrating on disease gene finding would
seem the most worthwhile thing to do with the shortage of money but in
the long run knowing the human genome will prove to be more
    Knowing the human genome would be useful in so many different ways
because after you know the genome than scientists can work on what
physical effects genes have and kind of link together every tiny aspect
of the human body with specific genes.

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