HUGEMAP: CEPH-Genethon's Human Physical Map Data Mail-server and WWW server

Emmanuel Barillot manu at
Thu Mar 10 00:50:01 EST 1994

            Announcing CEPH-Genethon's Human Physical Map Data
                        Mail-server and WWW server

These servers are experimental interfaces to the public part of the physical
map database HUGEMAP. They are implemented on top of IDB, an object-oriented
persistent environment developped at Genethon for this purpose.

The data on clones or STSs can be accessed via Dnumbers, AFM names (for STSs)
or CEPH names (or UNIX-style regular expressions matching one of these formats).
This data is the same (except for more frequent updates) as that available on
ceph-genethon-map ftp server, thus you can find:

        * for STSs:
           - screening results, with both positive (individually verified or
           unique) and individually negative clones.
           - for those clones, other STSs tested and chromosomal assignment
           through Alu-PCR product hybridization.

        * for clones:
           - screening results.
           - chromosomal assignment through Alu-PCR product hybridization.
           - potentially overlapping clones, as deduced from L1 and THE
             fingerprints and Alu-PCR product hybridization.

To question our Mail-server for data about a YAC or a STS, send mail similar to :
$ mail hugemap at
Subject: request
yac 636_h_11 989_h_7
sts AFM115xf2 D15S118

or ask for the help file by sending a mail to hugemap at with 'help' as
the subject.

For more information on our WWW server and/or data and/or fun, just aim your
favourite mosaic client at URL :
and click on
        "Access to CEPH-Genethon Map WWW server"

or directly load:

Additionally, the WWW server provides:
        * links toward the GDB gopher server for clones or STSs that have
        * links toward Genethon's Human Genetic Map Data wais server for
         Genethon's microsatellites: this server contains full sequence for
         those STSs.

Those links are, of course, hypertext links, i.e. are accessible through
clicking on object names.

Any feedback, comment or suggestion are welcome at:

                 hugemap at

(put 'message' or 'hugemap' as the subject in your mail).

HUGEMAP team (Eric Viara, Stuart Pook, Emmanuel Barillot, Bruno Lacroix).
13, place de Rungis
75013 Paris, FRANCE
tel: (33) (1) 44 16 27 20
fax: (33) (1) 45 88 52 20

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