New Caledonia-sharks?

John K. Bates John at
Fri Mar 11 14:26:45 EST 1994


I am hoping that someone can help me with some information on New
Caledonia. I am seeking information about the Isle of Pines. I believe it
is near the Southeast corner of NC, and I hear it is beautiful. I am
wondering what the reefs there are like and I am also hoping anyone with
experience could confirm or deny the rumour that there are a lot of sharks.
Could sharks be a worry here if one were to surf, scuba dive, and the like?
Are there any other dangers I should be aware of if I am going to be
visiting there? How about the rest of New Caledonia? Would anyone familiar
with the region be willing to correspond with me and fill me in on a few
more sea related questions?

I appreciate any help, and would be willing to share what I find and
reciprocate the favors in any way I can. 


John at

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