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Fri Mar 11 20:24:21 EST 1994

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L.A. Moran <lamoran at> wrote:
>Dave, you mentioned an article in INTERNET WORLD in which someone was sued
>for libel. Was the suit successful? I'm sure that many of us would appreciate
>it if you could find the article and post a summary.
>I assume that the trial took place in the United States and that American
>laws applied. Many of us are not American citizens and do not live in the US.
>Do you know if our freedoms are also limited by American libel laws?

My recollection is the case involved only U.S. citizens, and I am sure
that the international character of the network would complicate
matters further.

As to finding it and posting a summary, I don't want to bore everyone
with a discourse on the pile of boxes in my garage right now or my
plans for cleaning the mess up 8-), but finding the article easily is
out of the question right now for me.  I'm sure that someone else on
the net must also get that magazine or have access to it in the
library.  When I eventually dig it out, I'll post it if I haven't seen
anything posted by that time.

In the mean time we can all avoid trouble by being nice to each other!

Dave Kristofferson

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