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Richard Haimann rhaimann at
Sat Mar 12 14:48:07 EST 1994

Hello netters,

I'm interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in
biotechnology/artificial intelligence and
decision systems.  I'm currently working
an as an environmental engineering consultant.
I'm interested in applying fuzzy logic to the 
monitoring, operation, predictive modeling, and
design of engineered biological systems.  Such
systems include waste-water treatment systems,
systems which biodegrade recalcitrant chemicals,
agricultural production systems, food production
systems such as fermentation and biosolids
production systems, pharmaceutical production
systems, biomedical engineering systems, air and 
water recycling systems for space exploration, and a
myriad host of others.

I've pretty good GRE scores and previous undergraduate
and graduate grades plus some business skills learned
in consulting (good for writing grants).

My quandry is this:  this Ph.D. research is
multidepartmental in nature.  Where are there schools
which have significant expertise in both engineered biological
systems and artificial intelligence/decision systems
and where the political climate is conducive to 
interdepartmental research.

Thanks in advance.

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