libel laws

Keith Robison robison1 at
Mon Mar 14 10:11:47 EST 1994

kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:

>My recollection is the case involved only U.S. citizens, and I am sure
>that the international character of the network would complicate
>matters further.

>As to finding it and posting a summary, I don't want to bore everyone
>with a discourse on the pile of boxes in my garage right now or my
>plans for cleaning the mess up 8-), but finding the article easily is
>out of the question right now for me.  I'm sure that someone else on
>the net must also get that magazine or have access to it in the
>library.  When I eventually dig it out, I'll post it if I haven't seen
>anything posted by that time.

>In the mean time we can all avoid trouble by being nice to each other!

>Dave Kristofferson

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