Panthera pardus epidermis

Francisco Javier H Blazquez fjhblazq at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Mon Mar 14 08:33:11 EST 1994

> Do you have
> reason to think that the epidermis in the cat family is different in some
> special way from the epidermis of other mammals? 

 I wish thank you for your answer. I will give some explanation. I was in 
 my lab when a engineer asked to speak to me. He was very excited about 
 something he had discovered about the way that the epithelial cells of 
 Panthera pardus epidermis are disposed. He wanted some information or a
 slide (histological section) of this animal to confirm his ideas, but he
 did not explained what ideas or what was his intention. He alleged 
 professional secret. That sounds strange, isn t? I am a public employee so I 
 must aid people who ask me  aid, they pay my salary. I did a search in 
 Biological Abstract and found nothing. I will do a search in Zoological 
 Abstract, maybe I will be luckier. Thank you.
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