Mars, Sumeria and DNA

Mon Mar 14 08:00:33 EST 1994

Please, Dont get the thorches out!
Get "The Skeptical Inquirer out!
	It is real sad the situation at the Universities today!
	The number of professors and students making totally irrational claims
is outstanding. We all know them.
	Although I consider myself a religious individual (baha'i), and I
don't 100% agree with the "Commitee for Scientific Investigations of Claims
of the Paranormal", the Group that publishes the "Skeptical Inquirer, I however
consider their publication one of the best antidotes to irrational thinking
and claims. 
	When the students come to me with arguments such as the one being 
discussed I look into their publications and show them the appropiate
	I strongly recommend their publications. I dont have their address
handy now. Anybody interested in their address, send me a message and I
will send it.

Cesar Reyes
Chemistry Dept.
University of Puerto Rico
Mayaguez, PR. 00680
e-mail"c_reyes at"

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