Mac DNA Software?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Mon Mar 14 15:07:12 EST 1994


:   I am trying to determine which DNA analysis software is best
: for use on a Mac.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  It
: doesn't have to be real fancy- just do the basics such as
: restriction site mapping, open reading frame identification etc.

(Maybe this question should be included in the FAQ?)

Check out the various demo versions of the "big packages", available
via anonymous ftp from various sites (e.g.
Then proceed to read Harry Mangalam's review about DNA analysis
software in one of the recent TIBS (I think end of last year). There
are also two (slightly dated) files from Peter M. (sorry, can't remember
last name) available via anonymous ftp which discuss the various
pro's and con's.


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