Summer Entomology Research Assts. Needed

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Mon Mar 14 20:15:42 EST 1994

Do you relish being in the desert in late spring?  Does the idea
of learning (not nearly) all there is to know about field
entomology (the study of insects) appeal to you?  How does the
concept of spending an inordinate quantity of time digging
through forest leaf litter on you hands and knees strike you? 
Well now you can realize these goals and many others in May and
June of this year (including your secret fantasy of chasing
obscure beetles through the desert)!  Applications are currently
being accepted for field assistants for the coming summer.  
Your responsibilities/opportunities will include helping in the
search for five species of beetles, all of which are
well-integrated guests in the nests of ants of the genus
Liometopum in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and
California.  Additionally, we will carry out a number of
behavioral experiments primarily concerned with understanding the
integration mechanisms that the beetles use to gain entry into
the ants' nests.  
In return, I will supply gas, transportation, lodging (tents),
and a bountiful storehouse of entomological knowledge, as well as
sharing with you some of the most breathtaking areas of the
United States (sorry, I am unable to provide research assistant
stipends).  I will be traveling from Lawrence, Kansas through
these areas from May 6-20, June 1-21, July 1-14, and August 1-14
(although the exact dates may, and probably will, change as the
dates approach; I am and can be somewhat flexible to accomodate
your schedule).  If you are interested in participating in some
or all of this project, email me directly and I will give you the
details of the study as well as answer any questions you may
If you are unable to participate in the project, but know of
others who may be, please pass this information on to them. 
Similarly, if you are on faculty at a university and wouldn't
mind helping out, please print this out and post it on your
departmental bulletin boards or make your students aware of this
Thanks a lot!
James Danoff-Burg
Snow Entomological Museum
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas    66045
JIMDB at (internet)
JIMDB at UKANVAX (bitnet)

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