Canine Genetics

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>>  I currently own both a Border Collie and a Cat.  I've been thinking
>>about purchasing a hunting dog and have amazed to find out that there
>>are over 500 distinct breeds of dogs the wprld(world) ovr(over).  Why
>>such a vast genetic diversity in a species that is inherently adaptable
>>to almost any environment?  Just a curriousity question for which any
>>and all speculations are acceptable.  Pardon my poor typing abilities.
>>I'm a little under the weather at this point.
>>Henry Putz
>>HPUTZ at BIOTECHNET>COM                                                   D
>Just an undergraduate, but here's my guess:
>   All those breeds of dogs are not due to natural selection but from
>domestic breeding done by man.  So, over 500 groups of people around
>the world started to breed dogs selecting for different attributs, and
>you get over 500 breeds...
>   This is right, ain't it?  Back me up, PhD. types.....

I think you are right. The human intervention is the responsible for the 
diversity in dogs and cats.
Jose Feneque
College of Veterinary Medicine
The University of Georgia


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