Cure for Muscular dystrophy

Henry_Okeeffe at Henry_Okeeffe at
Wed Mar 16 16:11:14 EST 1994

     Ok you eggheads!
     I am actively looking for a cure for muscular dystrophy.
     I do not have the disease myself but know someone who does.  While I 
     am aware that there isn't as yet a "proper" medical cure or "slowing 
     down" agent (am I wrong?), this doesn't mean that one - in some form 
     or another - doesn't exist.
     I would like to hear from anyone who has *any* info in this regards - 
     no matter how quack-like it would be regarded by the less enlightened! 
     - but naturally feel free to include any pilot test programmes etc. if 
     they actually exist.
     I will post a summary of all replies.
     Henry O' Keeffe
     Henry_Okeeffe at

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