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In article <Roberts_D-160394155606 at> Roberts_D at BMS.COM (Dan Roberts) writes:
>Could anyone out there recommend a Scientific (biochemistry orientation) 
>conference with a strong computational slant??  Last year I attended the
>"Macromolecules, Genes and Computers" conference which I quite enjoyed.  I
>would like to attend something similar this year, but I have not been able
>to find such a conference.  Thanks for your help..>Dan

Several coming up:

- The Third International Conference on BIOINFORMATICS and GENOME RESEARCH
  1- 4 June, 1994
- Meeting on the Interconnection of Molecular Biology Databases
  August 9-12, 1994
- Workshop on Information Retrieval and Genomics
  May 2-4, 1994
- Bioinformatics: Databases and computer networks in biology
  30 May - 3 June 1994
- The Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems for
  Molecular Biology
  August 15-17, 1994

I have the bionet postings of these summarised and accessable through gopher.
Connect your gopher client to:

and select:

 -->  5.  Computational Molecular Biology- programs, documents, help/
    -->  14. Upcoming-Conferences/

Please let me know (anyone!) if you find any errors/omissions.

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