Mac DNA Software?

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Wed Mar 16 21:03:00 EST 1994

In article <01H9YO1DHJBM935T8S at>, HPUTZ at BIOTECHNET.COM writes...
>  I am trying to determine which DNA analysis software is best
>for use on a Mac.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  It
>doesn't have to be real fancy- just do the basics such as
>restriction site mapping, open reading frame identification etc.
>Thanks in advance.
>Henry Putz

DNA strider is by far the best and fastest. it doesn't do a lot of the things
the expensive stuff does, but what it does it does extremly well.  there is a
review of major mol bio software in TIBS from sometime last year
 (haven't got the ref, sorry you'll have to do the leg work)
unfortunately, i haven't a clue as to where to get it. i believe it is freeware
or at least shareware (i'd appreciate a correction or confirmation on this).
 there is some interesting software available from the EMBO server also.

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