Mac DNA Software?

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Fri Mar 18 12:52:28 EST 1994

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> DNA strider is by far the best and fastest. it doesn't do a lot of the things
> the expensive stuff does, but what it does it does extremly well.  there is a
> review of major mol bio software in TIBS from sometime last year
>  (haven't got the ref, sorry you'll have to do the leg work)
> unfortunately, i haven't a clue as to where to get it. i believe it is freeware
> or at least shareware (i'd appreciate a correction or confirmation on this).
>  there is some interesting software available from the EMBO server also.

DNA Strider 1.2 is available form Christian MArck, Service de Biochimie
et de Genetique Moleculaire, Bat. 142 Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, 91191
Gif-sur-Yvette, CEDEX, France. It is a very nice package, at $200 US
the last I heard.

Eric Carstens

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