Endosymbiotic origin of Cholorplast and Mitochondrian???

Jeff Smith jsmith at mondrian.CSUFresno.EDU
Fri Mar 18 23:16:27 EST 1994

  I have a question about the possiblility that the modern Chloroplast and 
Mitochondrian originated from the phagocytosis of a prokaryotic cell or the
symbiotic relationship between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell. (and
sorry about the misspelling of Chloroplast in the title!).  

  The main thing I have trouble understanding is the possiblity of the
phagocytosis of the prokaryotic cell.  Since we know that the prokaryotic cell
is membrane bound and if call that the 1st membrane, then when the phagocytosis
occurs it would create a second membrane, correct?  So, how does this membrane
(the now double membrane) get passed on geneticly to future decendents?

  Does my question make sense?  If so, can anyone help me clear this up?  Any
help would be appreciated.
  Thanks in advance... :)

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