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Sun Mar 20 18:39:06 EST 1994

David G. Rhodes - Pharmaceutics, U.T.Aus <RHODES at VAX.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU> writes:
>I'm looking for some 'generic' image analysis software.  I only need 
>to measure areas and perimeters from b/w images with arbitrary dark
>shapes on light bbackground.  I seem to remember a program through
>NSF or one of the nat'l labs, but can't remember the details.
David -
The program you are refering to is call NIH-Image and runs on a MAC
with appropriate frame grabber.  I think there is a mailing list at
nih-image at, but I don't use the software and don't know
the details.
I thought you might want to know about  couple of things that my company
makes.  We have a small inexpensive but very powerful marking and
measuring system called the XR-2000.  It can measure areas, perimeters,
distances of all sorts, angles, etc, etc, and can put up grids, targets,
crosshairs, markers, labels, and more.  You  just put it in line with
your video.
We also have a more powerful stand alone image processor called the OMNEX
which does averaging, integration, and stuff like that.  It also has
measurements capability, but it is overkill if you have an adequate
image already.
If you would like to know more about the XR-2000, send me a note.
Arthur Gillman
Princeton, NJ

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