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                         JULY 4-7, 1994 


OVERVIEW: PARLE is an international conference focusing on the parallel
processing subdomain of Informatics/ Information Technology. Is is organized
annually on a non-profit making basis to act as a European forum for interchange
between those working or interested in the domain, from both academia and 

PARLE94 has been designed to be attractive for a very wide range of audience.
It will appeal to academic researchers and students working in the field of
parallel processing or related areas. It will also appeal to industrial workers
in the area wishing to discover the latest ideas, techniques and approaches.
The tutorial programme offers an opportunity for anyone interested in learning
about state-of-the-art in some of the newest, most exciting areas of parallel
processing from world renowed experts. The industrial programme, consisting
of both vendor presentations and an exhibition, offers the opportunity to
gain first hand experience of the commercial products available today.

PARLE94 offers an unrivaled opportunity for anyone interested to learn more
about parallel processing, whether expert or novice.

PARLE 94 is organized under the auspices of the Council of European Informatics
Societies (CEPIS).

                     MORE DETAILED INFORMATION
For those interested in more detailed information the following files are 
available on line:

1) For the tutorials:

[PARLE94]TUTORIALS-INFO.PS  (Postcript Version)

2) For the conference programme:

[PARLE94]PROGRAMME.PS       (Postcript Version)

The above files can be retrieved via anonymous-FTP (node: or by
sending the proper SEND command (see format below) via e-mail to the address
"mailserv at" (just put the SEND command in the message body): 

	Format: SEND filename

e.g. in order to retrieve the ascii version of the PARLE'94 conference 
programme the proper SEND command is:


For general information please contact (e-mail): parle at

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