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> Dave,
> 	I fetched this via URL:
> 	gopher://
> Is it summary of the law suit discussed in the INTERNET WORLD article?


No.  I finally found the issue.  It was in Internet World, Sept/Oct
1993.  The article is entitled "The Law of the Net: Problems and
Prospects" by Mike Godwin (mnemonic at who is legal services
counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation according to his byline
in the article.  The case that he cited was "Cubby, Inc. v.
Compuserve, Inc.", 776 F.Supp. 135, S.D.N.Y. 1991), and the summary is
that the evolving law in this case appears to treat on-line service
providers more like bookstores than publishers because they do not
review items that are redistributed.  The article also covers other
legal issues regarding the net but I don't have time to write them all

Internet World came out as a full-fledged magazine last summer and is
worthwhile reading for anyone new to the net.  Long time users will
also find articles of interest but will probably skip a lot of the
introductory stuff.  The publisher is Meckler Corp. and can be reached
at meckler at  A one year personal subscription in the U.S. is

I have no connection with Meckler Corp. except as a satisfied
subscriber to Internet World.

I am sure that this info is also undoubtedly floating around on the
network as well if one takes the time to read all of the gazillion
USENET groups out there, use gopher, WWW, etc.  Sometimes it is still
nice to get info the old fashion way though 8-).


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