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Tue Mar 22 08:40:35 EST 1994

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> I was wondering if anyone here could help me.
> I have been trying for some time now to get the E-mail address of SOMEONE
> at the Univ. Of British Columbia.
> \
> Since I will be applying there for Grad work in Molbio, I figured somebody
> in here would know where to write.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Sean MOore
> smoore at
> tatabox at
Fellow netters;
    I would like to discourage this kind of posting especially when 
it means that someone at UBC is going to asked for specific kinds of 
questions about programs etc that he/she may know nothing about. I 
get far too many of the kind:
    "Please send me any information regarding graduate studies in 
your Dept of Electrical Engineering".
    Quite often we don't even have such a department and it may not 
be always a simple matter to answer these enquiries. Given the number 
and variability of these requests, I simply do not have the time to 
answer them and they are deleted. It is obvious that some people are 
scavenging names from somewhere of people from various universities 
around the world and sending out shot-gun requests for information. 
The situation has become, in my case anyway and in my opinion, 
    C'est assez alors.

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