Mac DNA Software?

Richard Burge R.Burge at
Tue Mar 22 10:20:20 EST 1994

In article <01H9YO1DHJBM935T8S at>, HPUTZ at BIOTECHNET.COM writes...
>  I am trying to determine which DNA analysis software is best
>for use on a Mac.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  It
>doesn't have to be real fancy- just do the basics such as
>restriction site mapping, open reading frame identification etc.
>Thanks in advance.

You could try some of the shareware/freeware on in the 
misc/molbio directory - nothing fancy, but what do you expect for that price! 
Some useful stuff - Plasmidz, DNAid+, etc. If you don't want to shell out $200 
for DNA Strider and your needs are fairly simple these may suffice.

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