NEED HELP: Wanting to buy a microscope.

Brad Smalling gt2617c at prism.gatech.EDU
Tue Mar 22 22:48:26 EST 1994

I would like to buy a standard High-School level optical microscope.  My
guess is that they are relatively expensive (i.e. small demand, big price).
My questions are:

  (1) Where can I find a seller?  (I'm in Atlanta, but any general info
      will be greatly appreciated.)  Any names of magazines, distributers,
      retailers, wholesalers, catalog companies, etc... will forever endear
      you in my eyes.  Price isn't a big deal--if I find a good selection,
      I'm sure I can find one in my price range (US $50-$100).

  (2) Are used microscopes available?  If so, again, where can find a

  (3) Are there any manufacturers that I should look for or avoid?

  (4) Do you have any other advice, information, or opinions on the subject?

I want it for strictly personal/recreational use (I'm a software geek looking
for inspiration).  I've checked the back of Popular Science and only found
one catalog that _might_ contain something useful.  I figured I'd go straight
to the people who use them--I really know very little about the subject.

Any and all information will be GREATLY appreciated!!  Thanks!

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