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>        a: = What the writer said
>        b: = What the writer really meant
>a.      It has long been known that ...
>b.      I haven't bothered to look up the original reference, but ...
>a.      Of great theoretical and practical importance ...
>b.      Interesting to me.
>a.      While it has not been posible to provide definite answers to
>        these questions ...
>b.      The experiment didn't work out, but I figured I could at least
>        get a publication out of it.
>a.      The operant conditioning technique was chosen to study the problem ...
>b.      The fellow in the next lab already had the equipment set up.
>a.      Three of the Ss were chosen for detailed study ...
>b.      Results on the others didn't make sense.
>a.      Typical results are shown.
>b.      The best results are shown.
>a.      Agreement with the predicted curve is:
>        a. excellent    b. fair
>        a. good         b. poor
>        a. satisfactory b. doubtful
>        a. fair         b. imaginary
>a.      It is suggested that...It is believed that... It may be that...
>b.      I think
>a.      It is generally believed that ...
>b.      A couple of other guys think so too.
>a.      It is clear that much additional work will be required before a
>        complete understanding ....
>b.      I don't understand it.
>a.      Unfortunately, a quantitative theory to account for these
>        results has not been formulated.
>b.      I can't think of one and neither can anyone else.
>a.      Correct within an order of magnitude ...
>b.      Wrong.
>a.      Thanks are due to Joe Clotz for assistance with the experiments
>        and to John Doe for valuable discussion.
>b.      Clotz did the work and Doe explained what it meant.
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