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>Can anyone explain what the various types of Vitamin E mean?  Is both "d" 
>and "dl" alpha ticopheryl necessary in a supplement for humans?  

d-alpha-tocopherol is the natural vitamin.  [d=dextrous=right-handed]
l-alpha-tocopherol is the mirror image [l=left-handed] (stereo-isomer).
dl-alpha-tocopherol is synthetic mixture of both kinds.

Mind you, d-alpha-tocopherol can also be synthetic, just purified and so
more expensive.

d-alpha-tocopherol is the most effective, but if you take enough every
vitamin E type will work.
By the way you also have tocopheryl.
Both tocopherol and tocopheryl have alpha, beta, gamma and delta-versions,
which tells something about the hydrogen-groups.
All these variations have a d and a l version.
All these molecules have simular vitamin E activity
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