Wilsondisc and John Bonner

dce100x19 at vaxa.hofstra.edu dce100x19 at vaxa.hofstra.edu
Wed Mar 23 18:26:13 EST 1994

     I have a couple of questions, and I'd be grateful if someone here
could take a few minutes to help me.
     I have some photocopiesb of "How the Slot Machine lead Biologists
Astray" by G.Z. Opadia-Kadima from the journal of theoretical biology.
I was2 unable to find any publications by this author in the science
index on Wilsondisc - including the one I have in front of me!  I got
curious, and couldn't find the article by title search either.  The
index had many articles of a similar ilk, including some from the journal
of theoretical biology.  I tried both with and without the hyphen.  What
am I doing wrong?

     In "Life Cycles", John Tyler Bonner says 'An exception to the
acceptance of Darwins ideas was, and still is, a strong force in France.'
He implies there is still some Lamarikianism in their scientific
community. (p 118).  Can anyone confirm this?  Suggest any English
translations I might look at?  I found something by Pierre-Paul Grasse
which criticized Darwinism but did not come even close to Lamarkianism.


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