World Wide Web (WWW) Server at Genome Data Base (GDB)

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Tue Mar 22 11:00:12 EST 1994

	*** World Wide Web (WWW) Server at Genome Data Base (GDB) ***

The Genome Data Base (GDB) at Johns Hopkins University announces the
availability of its new World Wide Web (WWW) server.  To access the server,
direct a WWW client to:

The GDB WWW server features a new hypertext-based query tool called
The GDB Browser.  The GDB Browser is an HTML+ forms interface to a
powerful SQL query engine.  Users can perform specific queries to 
retrieve detailed information on Loci, Probes, Maps, Citations,
Contacts, Polymorphisms, and Mutations.  All GDB data contains
cross-reference hypertext links to related GDB objects and to external
databases including GenBank and the EC Enzyme classification database.
(The GDB Browser works properly only with forms-capable browsers.  We
recommend Mosaic for X available via anonymous ftp from

The GDB WWW server also features access to OMIM, the Online Mendelian
Inheritance in Man.  OMIM entries are displayed in a rich, hypertext format,
with embedded links to references, disorders, allelic variants, and loci.

Other services include:

o   A customized WAIS gateway to the GDB
o   Links to the GDB Gopher server and FTP site
o   Full documentation and demonstration
o   Links to other biology resources available on the Internet

For more information, please contact help at

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