Does HIV kill cells?

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> One version--perhaps worth calling a third mechanism--of this is
> Hoffman's network theory.  There is surprising homology between
> gp120 and MHC(II), which is expressed on T-cells.  Hoffman theorizes
> that anti-gp120 antibodies also attack MHC(II) T-cells.
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That's an interesting hypothesis.  So, cell death would be the result of 
an auto-immune response.  This certainly has alot of precedence.

Of course, it is also a remarkably easy hypothesis to test.  A couple of 
western blots and IP's should get you well on your way.  And of course, I 
assume it is known that class II cells are killed selectively--that is 
implicit in the hypothesis.  Have any data been published on this?  (I 
confess to not reading all the current lit on this subject...barely have 
time to read what's new in my own field).
Also, in what context was the hypothesis published?  (A review?)  I would 
think any peer reviewer would ask for data if it were in a research 
publication, since the esperiment is so easy.  


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