Tibetan Wisdom on Living and Dying

Thu Mar 24 15:35:17 EST 1994

THE RIM INSTITUTUTE and The Bodhisattva Institute
        _Tibetan Wisdom on Living and Dying_

     Phowa, or the tranference of consciousness, in the Vajrayana Buddhi
method for ensuring one's Enlightenment or fortunate rebirth when we pas
from this life at the time of death.  With these teachings and empowerme
one will not fear death or the process of dying and can avoid the confus
circumstances that surround death.
     This wisdom can help us not only in death, but right now in our dai
life and practice.  When one has no fear of death, then living becomes a
dance of interaction with the world.
     Success in the practice of Phowa can also be used to help others at
time of their death ensuring their rebirth in a Pure Realm.  Each of us
mortal, and in the final analysis, we will leave all this behind when we
Knowledge is freedom, and along with acceptance, the vitality of our inn
nature will gloriously manifest itself.

Suggested donation for the Phowa Course is $150.00 US
Exact Tucson site to be announced.
For further information, call: (602) 623-6277  or EMail Rim.Inst at asu.edu
Or send registration check made payable to the Rim Institute to:
         The Rim Institute
         404 N. 4th Ave. #152
         Tucson, AZ 85705

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