Vitamin E

Chris Marceille chrism at
Thu Mar 24 01:59:33 EST 1994

Thank you to every one who replied to my questions on Vitamin E; all the

replies were very helpful and time saving.  Our world is in good hands!

I haven't browsed the net since I left grad school; I left because I 
felt the educational establishment was beyond hope.   Things are changing
and just maybe the "net" is having a hand in that.   Does anyone know if any 
prison libraries allow inmates to log on?  Perhaps their rehabilitation 
would be helped by a free flow of ideas offered in a non judgemental and high 
caliber manner.  Thanks again to you all!!!!  PS my sons are pretty good with
If you have any computer needs, give a "call"; my eldest is a consultant; 
youngest is a rocket scientist; I am a menopausal REALTOR !

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