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Thu Mar 24 21:00:08 EST 1994

> 	Hi All,
> 	It's about the tenth time I receive this message. I don't know if
> Jerry is a scientist who uses bionet to discuss with other scientists 
> research etc. If Jerry have no enought ethics to respect bionet "roles" 
> without scensorship so we need one. I propose all bionet newsgroup have a 
> moderator in order not to distribute this kind of message.
> 	By the way, I'd like to hear what Jerry thinks about this.
> 	Sincerly Yours,
> Rafael Najmanovich

The postmaster at UIUC has been notified to shut down Jerry's account.
I have been doing this on every instance called to my attention or
that I run across myself.  Jerry was duly notified along with the
postmaster, so he is undoubtedly very happy right now.

Hopefully others will get the message eventually and stop this.

I already moderate three bionet groups and a couple of others are also
moderated.  I would be delighted if people want to volunteer as
moderators but this could become a time-consuming task on high volume
groups.  If we started assessing usage fees, we might be able to pay
people to do this.  Otherwise I think that we will have to stay with
the current system.  One pays a "price" anyway in the form of being
subjected to this kind of drivel, but most readers probably prefer the
current system.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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