Searching for Branch Office Sorvall Ultracentrifuges in Germany

Oliver Schwan AKORTZ at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri Mar 25 09:09:02 EST 1994

Dear participators of the wonderful and interesting world of biology,

For an innovative students' project involving modern biotechnology, 
especially the topic of modern separating techniques, we would like to 
contact several related companies for further inside information and 

Since our main interest shall be concentrated on ultra centrifuges a 
cooperation with the leading company "Sorvall" should be most satisfactory 
to our ambitions.

So anyone who could supply us with the internet address of the german and/or 
any other international branch of "Sorvall" - please reply to this message.

Thanks for being helpful.
Oliver Schwan, Stephan Kuhn, Sven Mueller-Oehring
Akortz at

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