NEED HELP: Wanting to buy a microscope.

argil at argil at
Fri Mar 25 01:02:47 EST 1994

Antonio Guia <guia at CC.UManitoba.CA> writes:
>On 23 Mar 1994, Brad Smalling wrote:
>> I would like to buy a standard High-School level optical microscope.  My
>> guess is that they are relatively expensive (i.e. small demand, big price).
Brad -
While it is true that high quality microscopes can be very expensive, there
are alternatives.  I am involved in importing microscopes from China, and
there are some excellnt scopes very reasonable prices (compared to what
people are used to).  These microscopes are new and in perfect order.
I deal mostly with institutions, etc, but if you would like more info, let
me know.  I have all types for pretty much all applications (light
microscopy only, though).
Arthur Gillman
Princeton, NJ

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