Will we roast or starve?

Vincenzo Nardi-Dei vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Fri Mar 25 11:51:02 EST 1994

Paul Robinson wrote about CFC:

>...But there's an even larger source of real chlorine atoms into th
>atmosphere: the ocean.  Every year it disposes of some 600,000,000 tons of
>chlorine!  If our activities had even 1/10th the effect the environmental
>crowd claims it did, the ocean would have to be much, much worse.  (If our
>actions damage the ozone layer, then the ocean does also, and in vaster

I have no knowledge about the effects of CFC on the ozone layer,
but the ocean release chlorine IONS, and the chemical behaviour of
chlorine ions and neutral chlorine is radically different (you can
eat chlorine ions in the salade as sodium chloride, but try to eat
Dalapon (2,2-dichloro propionic acid) a common herbicide, were the chlorine
is, in fact, in the neutral state, or to breath chlorine gas, that is
simply Cl2.

Such basic lack of knowledge of fundamental chemistry (the one that
we learned in the high school) leaves very few doubts about the
scientific level of the contents of the more of 200 (!) lines
"Phylippica" in defense of the use of CFC that Paul administered
to us.

-- Vincenzo

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