make money fast- how do you delete sections of text

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Sat Mar 26 18:09:06 EST 1994

In article <9403251553.AA14685 at>, FRED at ("Frederick Garbrecht") writes:
|> The entire readership of bioforum seems to be descending on me in 
|> wrath, after I commented on a recent posting from Jerry about "make 
|> money fast" and failed to trim the original lengthy posting.  OK, I admit 
|> it, I'm stupid for not deleting the text of the original message, I 
|> apologize! I'll never do it again!  Please have mercy...

This brings up a question I've had -- how do you delete sections of text while in
the composition window? I've often just wanted to include parts of an article.
However, if I include the article, I have to delete the unwanted portions one
char at a time. I've tried highlighting unwanted text and typing, or hitting the
Delete or Backspace key .. no go. I've looked thru the manual entry and not seen
anything (tho I may have missed it).

Suggestion: There's probably an easy way to do this, known by millions. Please
check ahead and see is someone else has already answered the question befor
posting a reply. This is my little attempt to reduce net clutter. Thanks in

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