Diabetes research at universities?

Somervell M. Newland smn1 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Sun Mar 27 15:24:08 EST 1994

Does anyone know of schools (preferably not medical schools) where diabetic
research is being done?  I am considering going to graduate school in the 
fall of 1995 (I am currently a senior biology major at Mississippi State), and
have thought that diabetic research would be quite interesting.  I've been
interested in the subject ever since the first article I read about it in
Child Life magazine when I was in about third grade, and became more interested
when my brother was diagnosed several years ago.  I had considered for a long
time going to med. school and specializing in diabetic care, but have since decided that med. school is not for me.  I just lately have been having thoughts 
about doing graduate research on the subject.  If anyone has any information about that subject, pleas either respond on this group or e- mail me.  Thanks
for the help!

Somer Newland
smn1 at ra.msstate.edu

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