Biological Research Funding????

Mon Mar 28 07:17:19 EST 1994

I am a doctoral student in the Oceanography department at the
University of Maine.  The focus of my research is fish migrations
in estuaries and oceanic environments, particularly how olfaction
may be used to guide these migrations.  I have run into some
problems finding funding for my upcoming field seasons and was
wondering if anyone could give me some advice on foundations or
other agencies which may support funding for a fish tracking study
in a Maine estuary.
My advisor and I recently applied to National Geographic and were
turned down.  I will also be applying for a National Science Foundation
Dissertation Enhancement Grant, but I would like to send out more
than one proposal for this research to secure some substantial
funding for the remainder of my dissertation research.

If anyone has any ideas on private funds or others that may support
field studies, please send me some names or ideas.

Thank you very much...  G.P. Barbin

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