The last word on "MAKE.MONEY.FAST" nonsense

David G. Rhodes rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Mar 29 10:52:38 EST 1994

On Mar 29,  2:22pm, David Pickles wrote:
> Subject: Re: MAKE.MONEY.FAST===suggestion on how to make this disappear.
> .....
> I would have thought that if all posts could be auto scanned for the
> strings 'MAKE.MONEY.FAST' and 'Dave Rhodes' (the list of strings could
> increase as needed), any attempted postings containing them could simply be
> returned with a stern warning.  If the poster then deliberately posts this
> garbage by circumventing this auto-moderator, then POW! bye-bye net access.
> OK, it wouldn't be perfect, but I would have thought this could cut out
> the vast majority of the Dave Rhodes posts etc at a stroke, with no real
> effort.
>-- End of excerpt from David Pickles

As the unwilling 'victim' of this nonsense, I want to make four statements:
1. I am not the <<expletive deleted>> who started this letter.
2. I do not condone the idea of removing net access for all messages with
   "Dave Rhodes" in the post.
3. I agree that responsible use is imperative, but enforcement, I'm afraid,
   must remain retroactive unless we impose an unwieldy administrative
4. Can't we drop this and get on with the BIO part of the forum???

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