MAKE.MONEY.FAST===suggestion on how to make this disappear.

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Tue Mar 29 09:22:09 EST 1994

On 25 Mar 1994 08:38:09 -0800 Basavaraju Shankarappa (bsh at MED.PITT.EDU) wrote:
|>                                                ...So why don't you
|> or have someone else write a program that checks every message for 
|> certain key words that indicate that the message may be of that kind
|> When a message is posted on bionet, it should automatically go through
|> this program and get cleared.  If the program finds any words that 
|> sounds fishy, it should bounce the message back to the sender and say
|> that the person has to get the message cleared through the administrator

I think this is an excellent idea, if it's possible.
Personally I have little doubt that virtually all these postings emanate
from net-newbies who think they are the first person to have the brilliant
idea of posting MAKE.MONEY.FAST to a newsgroup.  They invariably post
grovelling apologies to that effect after the ensuing deluge of flak.  The
point is, I suspect they learn their lesson, and publicly having them shut
down in no way serves as a deterrent to the next person thinking of trying
it, as that person has probably only just gained Usenet access that day... 

I would have thought that if all posts could be auto scanned for the
strings 'MAKE.MONEY.FAST' and 'Dave Rhodes' (the list of strings could
increase as needed), any attempted postings containing them could simply be
returned with a stern warning.  If the poster then deliberately posts this
garbage by circumventing this auto-moderator, then POW! bye-bye net access. 

But maybe this could place an intolerable demands on computer time... so
maybe it should just scan all Subject: fields instead for the strings
'money' 'cash' etc? This would also flag some innocent posts too,
obviously: they would all be bounced with the warning about inappropriate
posts, and an instruction not to use the words 'money' 'cash' etc in the
subject, if the post is genuine.

OK, it wouldn't be perfect, but I would have thought this could cut out
the vast majority of the Dave Rhodes posts etc at a stroke, with no real

David Pickles

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