water toxicity

Kaye Matkins kmatkin at calvin.linfield.edu
Thu Mar 31 19:38:34 EST 1994

Hello everyone.

I'm part of a group in my high school doing a drinking water quality 
study for an honors class.  We've obtained all the testing results from 
the water suppliers in our area, but have one more problem left.

We now have pages and pages of lists of chemicals and the amounts found, but 
no information as to what toxic effects they might have on humans.  We've 
checked all kinds of chemistry/organic chemistry books, but have found 
very little data on toxicity of specific chemicals.  Any suggestions??? 

And, does anyone know if the DEQ has an email address?  =)


Luke Matkins
kmatkin at calvin.linfield.edu  <-- yup, it's my mom's account!

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