paralytic shellfish toxin?

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> >A friend of mine has been asking me about paralytic
> >shellfish toxin, and whether the clams he's digging up
> >in puget sound beaches are safe or not.   He wants to 
> >know where the toxin comes from, what it does, and how
> >the health department tests for it....
> >I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank here.  Anyone out there
> >know more about this?
> -Keith Allen

In New Zealand over the past two summers there has been a major alagal
problem, leading to the closure of most of the shellfish industry during
the worst part.  I am not sure how they tested for the toxins or exactly
what it was (it was just called toxic alagal bloom by the media) but if you
wanted to contact the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
they would probably have all the info you seek.  There were no reprted
deaths (from memory) but I think that there were a couple of people
hospitalised with paralysis after eating shell fish. 

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