Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu May 12 00:12:57 EST 1994

In a previous article, lamoran at (L.A. Moran) says:
>This is not the first time that a new BIONET newsgroup has been created because
>there was apparent demand. I suggest that most of those who have urged you
>to pursue this matter intend to be lurkers and not participants. There are
>many newsgroups that have started out with the best of intentions.   
>How do we distinguish between those microbiologists who really intend to
>CONTRIBUTE to such a newsgroup and those who would merely like to see what
>everyone else has to say? I suggest that one way would be to wait until

Uh... so what?  Whats with all this hostility?  Distinguishing between
contributors to a newsgroup and 'lurkers' (an unnecessary pejorative) is
moot.   I suggest that YOU wait and see if the micro newsgroup duplicates
discussions elsewhere and has little traffic - if it is then it can be
utterly destoyed by the powers that be.  My bet is that a general micro
newsgroup fills an ecological niche in the expanding bionet.  Dude, the
Internet is in log phase and the bionet has to grow with it.  So what if
most of the folk who wander in are lurkers?  They may derive benefit from
sitting back and reading others' posts in ways none of us would understand.
I want a place to ask my arcane little transposon questions, a place to
offer people my spreadsheets, a place to talk to people who love bacteria
and yeasts and paramecia.

Chill Larry - plus ca change!


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