Microbiology newsgroup--I vote yes whatever you call it!

Kevin P. O'Connell oconne18 at pilot.msu.edu
Wed May 11 19:15:00 EST 1994

I'm all for a microbiology group, regardless of what it's called, and I'd 
post to it and read it avidly.  
I am in particular favor of it because I think it might add some life
to the nitrogen fixation groups, which don't see much traffic (of course,
I'm as much to blame as anyone, but I'm gonna post right now as soon as
I finish this note!  Really!)  The n2-fixation folks might read  the
micro list and post there, and if their traffic forms a significant 
proportion of the messages, the conversation might be moved to bionet.
At any rate, I hope the n2-fixation group(s) are not deleted, since
I occasionally do see a useful bit of information there, such as the
date and contact information concerning the Nitrogen Fixation Congress
to be held next year in Russia.
Just my two cents...
PS--If any UW-Madison types read this, I'd like to let 'em know
that my "Bucky Bites the Nitrogen Triple-Bond" t-shirt is on it's
last legs and I'd be happy to buy one if they get re-issued!

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