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Una Smith una at
Tue May 31 15:57:59 EST 1994

Sam Aparicio <saparici at> wrote:

>I wonder whether having "narrow" newsgroups focussed on a single model
>organism will be productive in the long run. There is much to be gained
>from species comparison at all levels, genomic, genetic etc. ...

Agreed.  Perhaps a general group is needed.  Though for each species
there is usually a large body of specific technical information that
doesn't directly apply to other species.  Wouldn't it be best to have
both focussed discussion forums and more general ones?  A general
forum would be useful for hosting discussion on topics that do not
have their own forum.  And ideally the ease of movement among Usenet
newsgroups will allow at least a fraction of readers to read several
newsgroups and thus serve to cross-fertilize them.

Instead of "model-organism" or just "organism", how about "species"?

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