SWF 25 Ukrainian attractive marriage-minded (Personal ad)

Mac-71 c-mgh at math.utah.edu
Tue Nov 8 18:38:06 EST 1994

About 5 months ago, I placed a personal ad in Ukrainian newspapers.  I
received many responses but by that time had found someone special.  I
wrote back to each of the women and mentioned that I would place a
personal ad for them over several newsgroups here in the U.S. if they
would like.
Olga Kozmina wrote back and said
"I would like to use your obliging offer and ask you to place my
individual advertisement over computer newsgroups."

Olga is 25 years old, 173 centimeters tall (about 5 ft 7) and 63
kilograms.  She has grey-blue eyes and has never been married nor has
any children.
She is a graduate of Kiev University in biochemistry.

"I am an optimist in the life, with a calm temper.  I like to create
everything to be cosy and comfortable at home, strive to be always
good-looking.  I admire nice arts and like sea very much, enjoy
drawing, reading, travel and movies.  I would like to meet an
intelligent, kind, life-time partner."

She sent me photos.  If you are interested in corresponding with Olga
drop me an e-mail and I will send you her address.  For a .29 stamp, I
will mail you copies of her photos as well copies of her two letters.

She is attractive.  

c-mgh at math.utah.edu
November 8, 1994

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